Autumn ASOS Wishlist

With summer pretty much over now, I need to update my wardrobe to keep me warm over the autumn and winter months. ASOS is my favourite place to shop lately, purely because of the range they have on their website, so many options in just one place!

The colder months only mean one thing, jumpers, layers and my favourite ankle boots! I think autumn is definitely my favourite month for fashion because I just love layers and comfy clothes like oversized jumpers and scarves.

ASOS High Neck Midi Column Dress | New Look Oversized Sweatshirt
ASOS Cord Dungaree Dress Pinkmie Leather Look SkirtASOS Achme Chunky Zip Ankle Boots ASOS Oversized Chunky ScarfJonathan Aston Harmony Over The Knee Socks | ASOS Off the Shoulder Rib Bodysuit

Last but definitely not least, I couldn’t resist myself when I seen that ASOS have released their Halloween collection *insert pumpkin emoji here*.

Here are my favourite pieced from the Halloween collection –

ASOS Halloween Skeleton Cut Out Midi Dress | ASOS Halloween I’m Not Your Boo Phone Case | ASOS Halloween Skeleton Unicorn Socks

Are you Autumn ready yet? What are your favourite fashion picks this season, be sure to let me know!


Liverpool Shopping Adventure

Last week mumma and I took a little trip futher out than usual. Even though Liverpool is just on our doorstep, I haven’t been in months and mumma hasn’t been in years. So we thought it would be nice for a little change. With my birthday quickly approaching, she decided that she would like to take me shopping for some new clothes. So she suggested Liverpool. We were going to go the Saturday before my birthday but with my birthday being on a Sunday and Nathan’s birthday being the day before mine we decided against that. Not only because I would want to spend the day with Nathan but also, we decided we wanted to go and have a mumma-daughter day.

We planned our day a little earlier because as always, I usually spend the Saturday afternoon with her but the train journey to Liverpool is around about an hour. So, I got to mum’s around 10am and we got the 10:30 train from our local station. We had one change and only had to wait around 10-15 minutes for that and got to Liverpool just before 12pm. We headed to Liverpool one and straight into Topshop. I had a few things in mind which I wanted to pick up, which was a new bag because my trusty old Primark handbag is a little worse for wear. Although they’re great for the price, they don’t last so long – especially when you use it everyday. The others were a leather or leather-look jacket and some ripped mom jeans.

I picked up a few bits and bobs from Topshop and I decided I probably should try them on because I like so much just on the hangers but I am so fussy when it comes to how they look on me. I ended up taking about 6-7 things with me in the changing room but only coming out with 3 and although I loved everything I took in with me. I wasn’t too fussed when I tried them all on and I told myself I wanted to get the things that wowed me. Although I picked up a pair of ripped mom jeans (which were on my list) the size I picked up didn’t fit me and I couldn’t find the size up on the rails which sucked. I walked out of the store with a bardot style dress, a strappy skater dress and a t-shirt from the sale.

We planned on getting my boobs measured whilst we were in the city because my bra’s have gotten a little small on me lately. We headed to John Lewis for a nose around the beauty section and decided to take advantage of their Lingerie fitting service. Only to be told my boobs have grown 2 cup sizes – which totally shocked me and then obviously, I had to get some new bra’s. We picked a couple up from New Look along with a blush pink turtle neck jumper, which is majorly cosy. Great for a casual ‘I clearly can’t be bothered today’ kind of look. Nathan says it reminds him of something off Saved by the Bell.

We then headed to one of the pubs for some grub and a well deserved sit down. I had a chick and bacon burger with some fries whilst mum opted for a cheese and ham toastie. It was so nice to just chill, and plan the afternoon out a little. We decided that we’d head back to Liverpool one to to the rest of our shopping and stop at a few shops on the way, before walking back up to Liverpool Central and pop into Primark before catching the train home.

Obviously, I couldn’t wait to head to Urban Outfitters, although I was slightly disappointed that I didn’t love more things in there, I walked out with a cute pair of grey trousers which are going to look good for a smart-casual outfit in work. I want to get a nice pair of black sliders to pair with these because I think they will look cute.

I picked up my leather-look jacket from Zara, along with a cropped white box styled blouse in white to go with my trousers from UO, and a cute pink patterned t-shirt from their Autumn/Winter collection. Although I usually love Zara I’m a little unimpressed because when I got home and tried the white blouse on, one of the buttons broke. They are just so flimsy so I’m thinking I might pick up some more and replace all of them to save me worrying about the others breaking. We had a quick nose around a few other shops in Liverpool One, which included the Disney Store, Victoria’s Secret and HMV before heading out and back towards the train station.

Before heading to Primark, we quickly popped into River Island to nose at the bags. I’m so plain when it comes to hand bags, I always end up with the safe black coloured bag which is good to match with pretty much everything. What did I walk out with? A safe black handbag – as always. I need to be a little more adventurous when it comes to bags I think and step out of my comfort zone a little, maybe next time?

Primark saw me go crazy, everybody loves a bit of Primark don’t they? After snooting through the whole 3 floors I walked out with about 6 bra’s, some cute new pants, a pair of shoes, 2 tops, a shirt, a bomber jacket, a dress, pop socks and a few bits and bobs for my desk in work. As I say, I’m loving Primark lately. They have so many cute items, if I’d have spent more time in there I definitely could have added a few more thingsto my basket. But my feet were starting to hurt, and my mum was definitely getting a little bit tired and fed up of me what seemed to be dragging her around.

We then headed for the train and back home, where we stopped in mums favourite bar to have a quick breather and a well deserved alcoholic beverage before heading for a takeaway on the way home. All in all, I had an absolute ball of a day, mumma and I had such a laugh and it was super nice to have a change of scenery, and I think I did pretty well on the shopping side too.


The Races – What to Wear

As you all know, I started my new job recently – and let me tell you I love it! Don’t get me wrong its stressful, very stressful. Especially with it being so different to what I’m used too. I’ve worked in the retail/food industry for nearly 5 years, now I’m training to be a PA.

Anyway, lets not waffle on. Thats what my Sunday Thoughts posts are for. A few days into being on my training team, we got informed of the next work event. Which is the Chester Races on the 8th July. I’m super excited because from all of the stories I’ve heard about – it seems like sooo much fun.

Its basically an evening for everyone to let their hair down and newbies – like me – get the chance to mingle a little more. So obviously, the first thing I thought was what the hell am I going to wear? 

So little old me, heads for the online shops. Now, I have too many choices and cant seem to narrow them down. Help?

Mellia Taupe Plunge Bodycon £25; Mina Floral Print Strappy Full Skirt Skater £20; Chi Chi London Premium Lace Midi £65; Jenna Deep Plunge Jumpsuit Navy £25

I’d love to hear your opinions and see which your favourites are. Or if you have a completely different suggestion, let me know! Either in the comments or tweet me @horrorgrrrrl

Primark Haul

If you’ve read my Sunday Thoughts #2 post you’ll know that over the weekend my momma and I spent a little time in Primark doing some shopping. With my new job I’m going to be wearing my own clothes to work so my mum decided to treat me to a few bits and bobs for getting the job.

Obviously I’m gonna share with you guys what I got!

Mustard Turtle Neck £3.00 | Checked Pinifore Dress £11.00

I’ve always been so sceptical about the mustard colour because I love it but I was a little uncertain on whether it would suit me. With the turtle neck being a bargain price of £3 I couldn’t really say no! I thought it would look super cute with this checked pinafore for SS16, or I could even pair the dress with a long sleeved top for cooler days.

Patterened Trousers £11.00 | Lace up Flats £8.00

I’m a huge lover of patterned trousers so when I came across these, I was in love. They can be worn casual with a jumper and trainers/flats or dressed up with heels. Being black and white you can pair it up with a pop of any colour; I picked these burgundy lace up flats. I’m all for Primarks improved comfort in their flats, a little more cushion goes a long way. The lace up detail is lush, and at the price of £8.00 who can say no?

Dream on Crop £6.00 | Leggins £3.00

As a lover of slogan tees, this simple and sweet dream on tee was a huge win for me. I love Primarks collection of slogan tee’s lately. This ones a crop so I bought it in a size 14 for more of an oversized look. Perfect with any bottoms, or skirts. I picked up a pair of leggings in a size bigger than my usual size in hope of missing the whole see-through leggings disaster.

All together we only spent £42 which is such a bargain price for 6 items! As you can see my items are quite varied, I can’t even pick a favourite because they’re all my favourite in different ways!

Have you picked up anything cute in Primark lately, or any other store?

Processed with Rookie Cam

Mini Drugstore Haul – The Aftermath 

Today I tried out the two Barry M palettes I showed you in the Mini Drugstore Haul post. If you haven’t read that already they were the Natural Glow Shadow & Primer 2 Palette and the Chisel Cheeks Contour Palette. Guess what? I love them!

Here have used both palettes mixed with my everyday make up and a combination of Mac’s Cyber and Viva Glam II on my lips. Ta-da! This is the outcome.

I think it’s safe to say that I am very pleased with my treat day purchases! They are such good value for money and the pigmentation in the eye shadows was above expectations.

I think the only thing I have to fault is that the contour palette should have a lighter options for paler skin. With my skin being so fair, I feel I can only use the lighter two of the shades because the darker looks way to over powering for my skin tone.

I also love how my make up techniques are clearly getting stronger thanks to all you dedicated beauty bloggers and your tips along the way! Although I still have a long way to go, were finally getting somewhere – hurrah!